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Following 2015's release of their folk-influenced self-titled debut album, songwriters/producers Phil Haussmann & Julie Mehlum decided to expand their live & studio line-up with old friends Janusz Hüsges on bass & Jonathan Sieweck on drums. Soon those two would become full members of the project, joining the production of their forthcoming second album "The Shame Songs" in best indie manner. Apples In Space truly believe in DIY- whether it is about producing and distributing their own music, making music videos, art work or even the homepage.
Musically, they are weaving emotional poetic songs into an almost punk-like performance (all the musicians used to be in punk bands); songs that start with an intimate acoustic performance surprise you by exploding into a lush noisy symphony, it's music that is demanding and satisfying and almost cathartic, music created by people who will not make any compromises. And it is basically impossible to leave a show not being touched by the truly heartfelt performance of the band and the voices of Julie & Phil who seem to have been made for one another.
Lyrically Julie & Phil's themes are revolving around coming-off age, shame, depression, fear of recent political developments & social issues such as eating disorders (though they say, in writing everything personal is political and everything political should be personal) and the ultimate solution to it all: The community, may it be between two lovers or a group of friends, and the power of your own passions and ideals to break down barriers in society and your own mind.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, the international band is set to release their second studio album in Autumn 2016.

-Nora Charles, 2016




2015- "Apples In Space" (Album)
2013- "The Never Read Letter" (EP)
2012- "Farewell, Little World" (EP)



Apples In Space’s Autumn Tour 2015
Hey, we are happy to announce our forthcoming autumn tour 2015: September: 09.9.- Berlin, Badehaus (Tickets: http://bit.ly/1Lnibrn) 10.9.- Halle, Peißnitzhaus
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June Tour 2015
After supporting Element Of Crime & Villagers this year we’re happy to announce the first leg of our own tour.
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