Hamlet at Berliner Ensemble

Hey friends,

Lately a couple of people have been asking about the soundtrack to Leander Haussmann’s production of HAMLET at Berliner Ensemble, we would like to clarify the level of our involvement.
Most of the soundtrack was written by us, including the playback piano themes, the original songs that were performed live on stage and all of the accordion-guitar-themes.
The songs used in the production are:

The Rest Is Silence- Apples In Space
Paper Town- Apples In Space
Ophelia’s Song- Apples In Space
The Gravedigger Song- Lyrics: William Shakespeare; Music: Apples In Space
Deilig Er Jorden – traditional Danish Song in Norwegian translation, performed by Apples In Space

Death Is Not The End- Bob Dylan
The Carnival Is Over- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
You Need Hands- originally sung by Frank Sinatra, in this version it is performed by The Sex Pistols.

Our soundtrack is not available yet, but we will make sure to release the material somewhen in the future.

Your Apples